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Rich Black
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Golden Blonde
Ash Blonde
Dark Auburn
Light Auburn

Quick Facts
• Real hair colour in a marker
• Grey roots gone instantly
• Gentle on hair
• Marker provides precise control
• No ammonia or peroxide
• Dries in a minute
• Does not flake or rub off, even after brushing

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Colour Tips
Do your grays start peeking through weeks before your next salon appointment? The TouchBack Marker allows you to hide gray roots with a gentle, temporary dye that bonds to hair and lasts until you shampoo it out. The best part: Each marker contains 60 applications of color.  Our tip, if you are between shades, choose the lighter colour.

marke rtips cutouts
TouchBack’s 8 shades are formulated to blend with the best-selling permanent hair colours
Rich Black for pure black hair
Dark Brown for very dark brown black/brown hair
Medium Brown for rich, medium brown
Light Brown for rich light brown (for very light brown hair use Ash Blonde)
Golden Blonde for medium toned golden blonde
Ash Blonde for medium toned ash blonde
Dark Auburn for light red with brown undertone
Light Auburn for deep red with brown undertone

Keep this secret weapon on hand to hide stray grays and roots in seconds…  If your colorist can’t squeeze you in, TouchBack Temporary Hair Color Marker covers your roots and any stray grays leaving you feeling confident all day.

Try TouchBack marker gives a natural-looking application that won’t budge until you shampoo it out.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us or use the contact page.