Touchback is great for men.

Not everyone wants to go grey gradually and even men want to fight those pesky grey hairs peeking through.  As well as touching up stray greys on your head, TouchBack makes it easy to cover up grey hairs in a beard or side burns/boards. The wide fiber-flow pen makes it so easy to apply the colour, make lines and to fill out any imperfections in the beard.

Simply apply TouchBack with light strokes on your dry hair or beard. Use the pens broad side and follow the direction of hair growth.  It will dry in 1 minute and gives a natural result.  Use the comb to keep the colour off your skin and off your temples.

The formula contains no strong chemicals and washes off with soap/shampoo. It is water-resistant, sweat resistant and it won’t rub off.

Whether you colour your hair or have natural salt and pepper hair, TouchBack can easily cover greying sideburns and temples for a more youthful appearance (below).
before & after men