Selkin Media Limited has been the exclusive distributor for TouchBack and BrowMarker in the UK since 2009 and trades in the UK under the TouchBack brand name. ColorMetrics, the company behind TouchBack has developed and manufactured award-winning temporary hair colour products since 2003. ColorMetric’s President, CEO & creator, Joan Lasker has experience in the beauty industry spanning over 30 years.

Meet the TouchBack creator

Joan Lasker

Joan Lasker

In 1996, Joan Lasker took early retirement from her position as Vice President, Corporate Public Relations at L’Oréal USA, and moved her family from New York to Santa Fe. Her plan was to ski, play tennis and take long lunches. But the old cosmetic industry siren call soon arose and Joan found herself developing a product that she knew was sorely missing from the market – an instant liquid hair colour for touching up grey roots. In 2003 ColorMetrics was born.

What inspired you to create ColorMark and TouchBack (by ColorMetrics) and how did you get started with the development of hair-colour products?
“I developed ColorMark and TouchBack because I needed them myself. I colour my hair to cover grey. Because I am a brunette, my grey roots are annoyingly visibly in 2 weeks. I can’t colour my hair with permanent hair colour every other week, and so I looked for products that could temporarily cover my grey between permanent colourings. I began using the crayons and mascaras on the market, but they made my hair look dull and greasy. And, they flaked and rubbed off during the day. Powders were no better, and the spray-on products were hard to control and also flaked off.

What I wanted between permanent colourings was real, temporary hair colour that could be applied directly to dry hair to cover grey roots instantly. And, I wanted the hair colour to be dispensed from a wide tip marker. Even though I was retired, I had been in the cosmetic industry for 20 years as a Beauty Editor at Vogue, VP of Corporate PR for L’Oréal USA and President of CEW. I decided to try to develop the product myself. I had lots of friends in the industry to help me navigate the areas I didn’t know (which was a lot)!

I started in earnest in 1999 and didn’t get the product out until 2003. I couldn’t get the marker to work 100%, but the formula was great. So, I brought out ColorMark, Real Hair Colour in Liquid in 12 shades, while I continued to work on getting the dye to flow through a marker. It took another 4 years of R&D. In 2009, I launched TouchBack, Real Hair Colour in a Marker in 8 shades. Both products have multiple patents and have won multiple industry awards. Both products were a first — real hair colour that you apply directly to dry hair to cover grey roots instantly. Because they are made with real hair colour, they actually bond to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair colour, for a totally natural look. And, they won’t flake or rub off when brushed … unlike mascaras, crayons, gels and powders.”

How do the two TouchBack and ColorMark products for eliminating grey roots differ?
They both have similar formulas. The real difference is in the application. TouchBack is a marker with a 1/2″ wide Fibre Flow tip that delivers colour continuously.

Who is the typical customer?
Anyone who colours hair to cover grey. Or, it’s a good solution if you are just starting to go gray and want to delay using permanent hair colour. Men love it, too. It’s great for sideburns and temples.

What about eyebrows – can I use TouchBack on my brows?
For the brows, there is TouchBack BrowMarker, the patented eyebrow marker for graying or thinning brows and like TouchBack for the hair, BrowMarker is an instant, all-day application that bonds to hair and does not flake or rub off. It’s a fine tip marker that enhances the shape, colour and fullness of brows. The patented formula comes in five shades. The Blonde shade was made for women with very thin brows or no brows, due to chemotherapy. The colour is a sheer taupe that looks soft and natural when applied directly to the skin.

What do you love about these products and why will women want to use them?
They are instant. Like most women, I want to keep my hair colour looking great, without the use of harsh chemicals. Having a system of real hair colour products to keep my colour fresh between permanent colourings, without ammonia or peroxide, is something that appeals to everyone who colours their hair.